The Perfect Pony Car

Creating the Legend

America and the Ford Mustang go together like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. They both stand for freedom, enjoyment and ingenuity, but before 1965, the Mustang was only a thought. With a starting price of $2,368, the Mustang was affordable for the common American, and was familiar with its two door bodystyle, but new with its fun-to-drive attitude. The early Mustang was fast and agile, and stole America’s heart whenever they sat in the driver’s seat. A slew of performance and aesthetic upgrades and models, such as the Mach 1 and Boss 302, added flare to the Mustang coupe, fastback and convertible, and from this, the legend was born.

Let’s Get Technical

While the first official model year of the Ford Mustang was 1965, it was put on sale in early 1964, thus giving these early models sold up until 1965, the 1964 ½ nickname. Since this time, over nine million Mustangs have been sold worldwide, and six generations have been produced, with a new Mustang currently on its way. The Mustang also has come in multiple body styles such as coupe, convertible, fastback and hatchback. Along with these, were many different motors ranging in size from smaller 2.3L, 4 cylinder motors in the ‘87-’93 Mustang, up to the 5.2L V8 in the Mustang Shelby GT350. Though many of these specs are impressive for a car that spans half a century, its impact on America, and how it rose to become an automotive icon have much more meaning than some numbers.

An Automotive Icon

Put the top down, stomp your feet on the clutch and gas, release the clutch, and hear those tires squeal and that engine roar. That’s the true sound of a Mustang! Americans love a fast, and handsome car, and some variations of the Mustang fit that build. The Mustang has remained, to this day, an affordable muscle car that anyone can enjoy. It has almost been discontinued multiple times, but its popularity with the world showed Ford that it wasn’t time yet. The Mustang has gone through oil crises, bad designs, and slow sales, but today, after fifty-two years of production, the legendary Ford Mustang is stronger than ever, and just keeps getting better with each model year.

1965 Ford Mustang Convertible
1980 Ford Mustang Hatchback
2006 Ford Shelby GT-H
2006 Ford Shelby GT-H and the 1966 Shelby/Hertz GT350H “Rent-A-Racer”
2016 Ford Mustang

Click HERE for links to the photos above.

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